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ABL counseling can help you to find peace in your world by helping our clients to face the truth in their lives and bring transformation for a better hopeful future .

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Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent counseling in Colorado can provide a way for youths to deal with specific emotions, traumatic experiences, and behavioral situations. As a parent of the child, you’re the first one to notice changes. This allows you to make the best decision and find the help they need to make sure that they can have a  happy and healthy emotionally balanced life.

Adult Counseling

Life presents many challenges, and at times, relationships, work, and family life can become overwhelming Adult Counseling is an effective option to explore. Everyone responds differently, seeing a counselor can have a variety of benefits for Metro Denver Adult Counseling.

Couples Counseling

Abundant life counselors can help you restore the intimacy and connection and help you to get back the feeling of being so excited you once had in the beginning by establishing that both parties are making an effort. The very act of coming to a Colorado couples’ counselor can reinvigorate passion, help rebuild communication and bring understanding to each other emotions and values.





Trauma/Sexual Abuse

Chronic Illness


Faith-based Counseling

Our Beliefs

Everyone should know their value

We are all unique in our design as people (mind, body, personality, and gifting) and we carry experiences whether good or bad which culminate into a story of who we are today. You have value and worth no matter your story or experiences. I will listen and treat you with respect, compassion, love, and without judgement.

Everyone should be Empowered 

Our approach to Counseling gives you the opportunity to experience healing and transformation while being equipped to breakthrough barriers, overcome limiting beliefs, and make a difference in the lives of others. The interventions used and given will propel you to conqueror future life challenges resulting in more freedom, confidence, and joy.

Everyone needs to Discover their Story 

ABL Counseling helps you to learn more about yourself and the benefit of sharing your story. It can be intimidating, but it is through this process we find meaning, purpose, and freedom. Through the counseling journey you will understand how your past experiences impact you today and how to shift your internal mindset to see clearer than before.

There is always hope

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