Addiction is common word used in our culture, but often it can be hard to define. As a general definition addiction is a repetitive behavior that we find hard to control which impacts our life on a regular basis. Examples could be substances, alcohol, overeating, work, and the list goes on. Regardless of what you are facing this can be overcome. Addiction is a byproduct of deeper challenges and hurts. Addiction is usually a coping skill tied back to negative experiences related to a lack of relational connection, low view of self, anxiety, depression, and self-defeating thoughts. Our philosophy at ABL Counseling is our thoughts/beliefs when negative will impact how we feel and determine our behavior so once our thoughts and beliefs change to truth or positive beliefs, transformation takes place.

At ABL counseling we will walk with you through this journey without judgement and provide a space for you to be real and honest. We will develop a plan to uncover what led to the addiction and start with small attainable goals to begin overcoming the challenges you face. We will encourage community outside of counseling to help provide coping skills and create better habits. We will work through changing your thought and belief pattern so you can experience freedom from addiction.

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