The term “anxiety” is becoming more and more known in our culture, but what exactly is it? As a general definition anxiety is an overwhelming sense of fear and worry about a specific situation/circumstance. A unique aspect of anxiety is we get affected physiologically; this can present through our heart racing, sweating, nervousness, dizziness, nausea, and muscle tension. Obviously, there are complexities to anxiety and the range of what we can experience anxiety from is vast; from social anxiety to fixation or spiders. Despite the variety of anxieties, they all share a common belief or thought from experiences that drive us into experiencing anxiety or even panic attacks. In reality, anxiety is not something we have, as much as it is something we experience in our lives. Although there is survival fear when in immediate danger the majority of fears we experience are learned and not related to an immediate threat. The good news is we don’t have to let anxiety get the best of us, change happens when we can re-train and replace our mindset and belief system with a new set of beliefs.

At ABL Counseling you will not be invalidated or judged for the anxiety you are experiencing, even if you know it does not make sense. Together we will create a plan of peeling back the layers of where anxiety began, to then make sense of the present. You will be provided with helpful coping skills to lessen the intensity of anxiety and challenge the reason it is there which leads into the main goal of establishing a new belief system around anxieties so you live more free and enjoy life.

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