Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is a continual life impacted health issue that not only impacts our physical body, but our emotional, spiritual, and brain health. Often resolution is sought through the medical world with various treatments, but the other important areas listed above are generally neglected. As someone who has experienced chronic illness for years, our physical health has a direct connection to our overall well-being, especially our mindset. When we are in pain, in discomfort, or drained physically our thinking and beliefs can become negative and hopeless. However, what if there was a way to find joy in midst of trial and experience hope in the midst of pain? The truth is our mind influences so much of what we do in life, including how we feel. Take a moment and think about a good memory. Focus on that memory and notice how you feel as you do. Feel better? Our mind is an amazing part of our design.

At ABL Counseling I will meet you in the questions, hardships, pain, and in the loneliness that can be experienced. You will be supported and equipped to handle some of your hardest moments. Our thoughts and beliefs determine our emotional state and actions so when negative thoughts/beliefs are changed to truth based or positive beliefs there is lasting change. Although circumstances may not fully change your mindset can change and I will provide you the tools to experience life more fully amidst suffering and hardship.

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