Pornography Addiction

Although the porn industry continues to be a multiple million-dollar industry, many marriages, relationships, and lives continue to be negatively impacted by it year and after year. Porn addiction can be summarized as a continuous action to view others doing a sexual act and using that person for their own self-gratification/pleasure. Through porn use you devalue the other person and yourself. This has a direct impact on what you believe love is, what healthy relationships look like, and makes it more challenging to live selflessly in relationships; with your spouse, significant other, and your dating life. There are a variety of reasons why porn is being viewed and if you are wanting to stop you are not alone, you are not a lost cause, there is hope, and freedom is possible.

At Abundant Life Counseling we find that many view porn to fulfill deeper desires for relational connection and cope with negative beliefs about self and previous negative experiences in life. Our thoughts/beliefs impact how we feel and play a role in determining our actions so once our thoughts and beliefs change transformation begins. Our goal is to help you uncover when and why this addiction began, create a plan to involve more healthy habits, establish strong community, and ultimately change your belief system so you never have to view it again. If you really want to change I would be glad to walk with you on this journey.

If you need help fill out the simple contact form below and will contact you asap.

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