Trauma & Sexual Abuse

All of use have experienced trauma on one level or another from Little T trauma’s(bullying, harassment, emotional abuse) to Big T trauma’s(sexual abuse, life threatening experiences, or physical abuse). Whatever has impacted you and caused emotional turmoil and heartache you are not alone. Often times we compare with others that, “well what I went through was not as bad as….” However, this tends to invalidate challenges we have faced leading to unresolved emotional pain and negative beliefs of self or others.

At ABL Counseling we will listen and empathize with your experiences and help you uncover the deeper wounds surrounding your trauma/s. We will create a plan with you and walk at your pace through this healing journey. From these traumas we have interpretations which are thoughts or beliefs. These beliefs will impact how we feel and determine what actions we take so once our thoughts and beliefs change to truth, transformation takes place. So you will be empowered with tools to start the healing journey and learn ways to reframe the experiences you have been through with truth based thinking so you can live your life more freely.

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