Michael Schweiger MA, LPCC

Faith Based Counseling

At ABL Counseling we provide services to those with a faith-based background and particularly those who are Christian. While the skills I provide in counseling are transformative the spiritual component of connecting to Jesus is a key part of change. Without this connection I do not believe we can have fullness of transformation. We willContinue reading “Faith Based Counseling”


Addiction is common word used in our culture, but often it can be hard to define. As a general definition addiction is a repetitive behavior that we find hard to control which impacts our life on a regular basis. Examples could be substances, alcohol, overeating, work, and the list goes on. Regardless of what youContinue reading “Addiction”


The term “anxiety” is becoming more and more known in our culture, but what exactly is it? As a general definition anxiety is an overwhelming sense of fear and worry about a specific situation/circumstance. A unique aspect of anxiety is we get affected physiologically; this can present through our heart racing, sweating, nervousness, dizziness, nausea,Continue reading “Anxiety”

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is a continual life impacted health issue that not only impacts our physical body, but our emotional, spiritual, and brain health. Often resolution is sought through the medical world with various treatments, but the other important areas listed above are generally neglected. As someone who has experienced chronic illness for years, our physicalContinue reading “Chronic Illness”

Trauma & Sexual Abuse

All of use have experienced trauma on one level or another from Little T trauma’s(bullying, harassment, emotional abuse) to Big T trauma’s(sexual abuse, life threatening experiences, or physical abuse). Whatever has impacted you and caused emotional turmoil and heartache you are not alone. Often times we compare with others that, “well what I went throughContinue reading “Trauma & Sexual Abuse”

Pornography Addiction

Although the porn industry continues to be a multiple million-dollar industry, many marriages, relationships, and lives continue to be negatively impacted by it year and after year. Porn addiction can be summarized as a continuous action to view others doing a sexual act and using that person for their own self-gratification/pleasure. Through porn use youContinue reading “Pornography Addiction”


Depression is a term and experience that many of us are familiar with, but did you know it can be overcome? Sadness, hopelessness, lack of motivation, and negative thinking for an extended period of time are common signs of depression. Many believe you have to live with depression the rest of your life, but thatContinue reading “Depression”

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