Couples Counseling

Colorado Couples Counseling Benefits

We can help you clarify your feelings about your relationship

Relationships are a challenge. A big issue is sorting out how couples feel about, communicate, and relate to their partner. You both may come in knowing that you want to stay together and work on issues, but there are situations where one or both of you are confused about how to make this work. Having a set time and space each week for you and your partner to express your thoughts and feelings can help create a path towards a direction that is life giving. Colorado Couples Counselors at ABL Counseling can act as a guide through this process by bringing light on aspects of your relationship that you may not be seeing and providing a helpful outside perspective.

To help resolve relationship problems before they become major obstacles

Relationship problems that cause arguing can be an experience that either strengthens or weakens your relationship with your partner. Most come for couples counseling because they’re struggling to address topics that have come up as their relationship has matured. For some, this might pertain to how to manage a family, while for others it’s problems may be bad communication. Having a counselor help you to tackle these topics in a confidential setting can help accelerate growth in your relationship by bringing clarity and understanding to both parties’ points of view and discovering how to begin the journey to help your values align.

Help intimacy and connection

Intimacy and connection is a vital part of the health of a good relationship in some cases couples may argue to much and in others you don’t argue at all. Perhaps you hardly talk about anything other than what you’re having for dinner or who’s picking up the kids and life together is distant. Sexless relationships, prioritizing everything else but each other will create further disconnection. Maybe you believe that this is just how long-term relationships are supposed to be, which can led to further stagnation in the relationship, but there is always hope and opportunities to love to regain the spark of your relationship.

ABL counselors can help you restore the intimacy and connection and help you get back the feeling of excitement you once had at the beginning of your relationship. The very act of coming to a Colorado couples’ counselor can reinvigorate passion, help rebuild communication and bring understanding to each other emotions and values.

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