Teen Life Counseling

Abundant Life Counseling specializes in Teen Life Counseling in Colorado. Michael Schweiger MA, LPC is one of the premier experts in this area. We can help you through this difficult time in life for both teen and parent. A little help from an Abundant Life counselor can be the needed support to help the situation.

What is Teen Life Counseling

Teens are the leaders of tomorrow and we live in a culture that can struggle to see their potential and ability to make a positive impact. Now more than ever being a teenager is more challenging with the introduction of social media and the social disconnectedness of relationships that occurs. At ABL Counseling we seek to empower, uplift, and help teens thrive in their life while living to their greatest potential through the following areas.

Mental Health Concerns

Mental Health is a reality for all walks of life but in the stage of adolescence anxiety, depression, stress, and suicidality are a struggle on a regular basis. At ABL Counseling we are prepared to handle these challenges and much more. Each teen will have their voice heard and listened to in session. Then based upon the challenges and obstacles discussed in the first few sessions a transformation plan will be created. This plan will be made with each client to create steps and set goals for therapy to overcome those obstacles so every client can live more free than before.

Awareness of Emotions/Thoughts

Emotions and are thoughts can be difficult to understand for anyone at times, but this is a whole new world when walking the journey of a teenager. When these areas are not understood or addressed properly this can result in strained relationships, mental health struggles, and overall wellness. At ABL Counseling we realize the complexity and confusion these two areas can bring. So, we have developed several steps and strategies that will bring about a greater awareness of thoughts and emotions. These steps will also teach you to understand what you are experiencing and how to overcome negative thoughts and emotions.

Foster Healthy Relationships

Relationships are such a central competent to our make up and biology. At ABL Counseling we believe everyone is designed to be in connection with others and that alone has such a significant impact on our health and wellness. However, relationships can have their complexities in adolescence, from learning forms of communication and interactions with friends, teachers, co-workers, and family. We strive to help each client greatly improve relationships through up-to-date communication strategies and methods.

At ABL Counseling another aspect of relationships we value is seeking to unite the family unit. We understand there are a number times where as a teen you blow up at your parents or parents just tell their kids what to do without any options or seeking to hear their voice. We want to build a bridge of more healthy communication and an understanding of each other. This will be accomplished through some sessions where the family unit can come together and various challenges are addressed while tools are provided to bring the family together.  

Address Holistic Wellness

Many of our mental health and common challenges can be associated with our everyday living habits. What continues to be shown through research is sleep, nutrition, and exercise have a direct impact on our overall health positively or negatively. While we are not medical experts at ABL Counseling we can provide each client with some basic steps to start making healthy lifestyle changes. These changes will be based upon current verifiable research while gladly working with or suggesting health experts to be part of the journey.

Discover their Unique Contributions

The stage of adolescence is really a great time to discover ourselves and grow, but often the comparison game of “Well I don’t look like her” or “I don’t have that ability” rob us of joy in this life stage. At ABL Counseling we want each teen to know their unique values, giftings, interests and overall worth. This will help build confidence to start the journey of accepting your unique self and put you on a path to be make a difference in the world around you.

Your Inner Strength is your outer Foundation