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Teen Life Counseling

ABL Counseling specializes in Teen Life Counseling in Colorado. Michael Schweiger MA, LPCC is one of the premier experts in this area. We can help you through this difficult time in life for both teen and parent. A little help from an ABL counselor can be the needed support to help the situation.

What is Teen Life Counseling

Faith Based Counseling

At ABL Counseling we provide services to those with a faith-based background and particularly those who are Christian. While the skills I provide in counseling are transformative the spiritual component of connecting to Jesus is a key part of change. Without this connection I do not believe we can have fullness of transformation. We willContinue reading “Faith Based Counseling”


Addiction is common word used in our culture, but often it can be hard to define. As a general definition addiction is a repetitive behavior that we find hard to control which impacts our life on a regular basis. Examples could be substances, alcohol, overeating, work, and the list goes on. Regardless of what youContinue reading “Addiction”


The term “anxiety” is becoming more and more known in our culture, but what exactly is it? As a general definition anxiety is an overwhelming sense of fear and worry about a specific situation/circumstance. A unique aspect of anxiety is we get affected physiologically; this can present through our heart racing, sweating, nervousness, dizziness, nausea,Continue reading “Anxiety”

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